Welcome to Balanced Body Clinic.

The therapy centre to restore balance to your body and mind

Pain and stress affect us during all stages of our life and have many far reaching consequences. For example, they can:


  • Distract your focus and ability concentration at work
  • Cause restless sleep
  • Impact on your training goals and targets in sport
  • Reduce your ability to enjoy your pregnancy or an active retirement
  • Cause irritability and mood swings

Balanced Body Clinic provides a comprehensive answer to all imbalances affecting the body and mind, in one central location. Each therapist is committed to providing excellence in care and has a proven track record.

Therapies include

Cranial Osteopathy
Sports Massage
Myofasical Release
Herbal medicine
Pregnancy Massage
Zen Shiatsu
Sports Nutrition


I’m Moira Mulvey, Osteopath and Director of Balanced Body Clinc Ltd. From humble beginnings, the clinic has expanded recently, from a small Osteopathy practice operating from the living room of my house, to a high street practice.  This expansion has given me the opportunity to invite an excellent group of therapists to offer their services within the centre, which not only compliments Osteopathic treatment, it gives you the ability to choose a recommended therapist with confidence or arrange a complete healthcare package if you require.

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